One Minute of Unmistakable YOU


What is one minute? Perhaps, it’s twenty breaths. Or a few sips of espresso. Definitely less time than one red light at an intersection. And yet it everything. One moment can say who you are…

The “Kelly Maglia Rocks” video contest is about YOU – and what makes you UNMISTAKABLE (see official contest rules and prizes at Your entry can be only one minute long, or it can take up the whole song. It can be free-styled or choreographed. It can be on any apparatus – or lack thereof. It can be costumed, or performed in sweats. It’s not about tricks or perfection although those things are certainly not discouraged! It is about the way YOU move. Not anyone else. It’s about the way you hear the music. Not anyone else. It is about your inner siren, or diva, or bitch…

I co-wrote each song on my website, and all the lyrics are mine. So of course, each song is very personal to me. But I love sharing my life experiences with other women, and seeing your interpretation is like us having a chat over coffee or cocktails 🙂

Also, I chose our celebrity judges Natasha Wang, Anastasia Skukhtorova, and Nadia Sharif not only because they are women who consistently show their uniqueness, but they are also the some of the most supportive and encouraging teachers on the planet. With each of them, monster talent does not equal a monster attitude! And feedback from them is a true gift.

So go ahead – take one minute to show us YOU in all your unmistakable glory. I can’t wait!



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