Just One Thing


I spent my life hating the way I looked. Growing up, I would have swam the entire Mississippi River just to be a skinny blonde girl with straight hair and no boobs. Wait, WHAT??? Could I have picked something MORE opposite than myself? Did I just want cruel and unusual punishment? Or was it simply that I wanted to be the quintessential California Girl? I don’t know, but I gave up that absurdity long ago, and I’ve never looked back. And while there are days that I still hate my thighs, more and more I understand that beauty is not one thing – i.e. blonde hair or a “perfect” body. It’s the over-all radiance of self-appreciation and respect for just what we are. And yet, that can sound totally crazy when when we really don’t like the way we look. Like some self-help mumbo jumbo written by someone who has never struggled. But surely we can find ONE thing about our bodies that we find beautiful, right? For me, it started with my eyes. I liked my eyes – hands down, no argument. What’s one thing YOU like about you? Go on – brag a little!

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