The Stripper and the Ballerina: A Tale of Two Shoes

One is the stuff of little girls’ dreams. The other, forbidden fruit. One whispers of the sylph, the swan, the dying innocent. The other, the stripper, the slut, the vibrant temptress who never dies – especially not in the minds and groins of men… Once upon a time, when I was a little girl, I dreamed of satin slippers and … Read More

A Machete Path to the New

A new you often begins with throwing something out. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to lay out today’s gourmet meal on the table if yesterday’s fast food is still sitting there gathering flies. And yet, I seemed to have made a career out of piling shiny new stuff on top of detritus. That is, until I took a machete to … Read More

Cinderella In The Desert

Putting on a ball gown is hard. In the Cinderella story, it’s easy. The Fairy Godmother appears, and poof! Cinderella is off to the ball. In real life, that transition can take years. Or it never happens at all. Most of us stay content with sweeping cinders and crouching in corners because going to the ball is infinitely more scary. … Read More

The Democracy Of Pole – and How The West Is Being Won By Pole Sport Organization

Jessica Anderson-Gwin – Female Pacific Pole Champion, 2015. Photo courtesy of Alloy Images and Pole Sport Organization.   THE DEMOCRACY OF POLE – AND HOW THE WEST IS BEING WON BY POLE SPORT ORGANIZATION We’ve all seen the Facebook fights and social media rampages. The pole industry has been all a-twitter in recent years about whether or not we are … Read More

Two Men, One Choice? Not Really!

I’ve been thinking a lot about security lately. And how it’s over-rated. We’re trained from birth to seek what is safe and familiar, but we are never told that that way, death lies. Not literally, of course. Or maybe yes… All I know is that the  very essence of safety is stagnation, when everything in our being cries out for … Read More

Silky Satin Shadows

I used to find comfort in shadows. Like one finds pleasure in a silky satin robe. And it was a garment I knew well. I hid in the soft darkness, refusing the light of the stage, and as a costume designer, I preferred instead to fluff and pin and perfect the women I’d outfitted who would enter the light in … Read More