Just One Thing

I spent my life hating the way I looked. Growing up, I would have swam the entire Mississippi River just to be a skinny blonde girl with straight hair and no boobs. Wait, WHAT??? Could I have picked something MORE opposite than myself? Did I just want cruel and unusual punishment? Or was it simply that I wanted to be … Read More

One Minute of Unmistakable YOU

  What is one minute? Perhaps, it’s twenty breaths. Or a few sips of espresso. Definitely less time than one red light at an intersection. And yet it everything. One moment can say who you are… The “Kelly Maglia Rocks” video contest is about YOU – and what makes you UNMISTAKABLE (see official contest rules and prizes at http://www.kellymaglia.com/contests). Your … Read More

I’m Fat, I’m Old – and I Found Myself On a Pole.

    Ok, perhaps that’s a bit histrionic. I suppose I’m more accurately called plump, and I’m not exactly an octogenarian. But in our youth and body-obsessed culture, it’s hard not to feel like a whale or an over-the-hill caboose at 30, let alone 40. And yet, one night several years ago, at a club in Hollywood called Jumbo’s Clown … Read More